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Top Ten Tuesday

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    Childhood Idols

    I will take a minute to be thankful that we are not judged on our childhood idols. Right? Right. If we were, I’d clearly be blond, meddlesome, and prone to trouble –…

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    Songs to Inspire a Novel

    When I started this blog it had a much bigger focus on music, so it’s no surprise that I was excited to see this week’s prompt (songs I wish were novels). While…

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    This Is Not a Love Story.

    Okay, okay, I lied. A little. There is a bit (or a bunch) of love in each of the following novels, but most are not intended to be a “love story” and…

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    Historical Settings I Enjoy

    Salem Witch Trials. Growing up in the Boston area, Salem was a big part of our New England history curriculum. We even took a field trip there. I’d love to say it…