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    A Death by Stephen King

    I’ll keep it simple. In a word: ick. Great dialogue though. I liked it. You can find the story of Jim Trusdale, Sheriff Barclay, and the silver dollar in the New Yorker.…

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    Just After Sunset by Stephen King

    (This is going to be a super professional review. Because that’s me – super professional – in a nutshell.) Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society… Aliens scare the piss out of me.…

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    Rage by Stephen King

    On April 26, 1998 Jeffrey Cox walked into a classroom in San Gabriel High School with a semi-automatic rifle and 200 rounds of ammunition. He proceeded to fire his weapon and force…

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    King’s March: Week Three

    We’re now three weeks into the month, which means you can link up any Stephen King posts you’ve written for King’s March (hosted by Wendy at Wensend and myself) from the 16th through the 22nd.…