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    Why Are You So Sad? by Jason Porter

    Raymond Champs, a furniture manual illustrator for an international furniture company (akin to Ikea), has the world figured out (please see how I feel about Ikea here). As a species, we’re all…

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    Needful Things by Stephen King

    You’ve been here before. At least if you’re a King fan. “Here”, for the sake of my discussion, is the town of Castle Rock, Maine. Upon reading Needful Things, you’re welcome to…

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    (B)4: A Top Ten List

    (B)4. (B)est (B)ooks (B)efore (B)logging (as hosted by The Broke and The Bookish). Which is, of course, 95% of all the books I’ve read because this blog is still in its infancy. To give…

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    The Fun Parts by Sam Lipstye

    I sound like the narrator of a mediocre young adult novel from the eighties. Which is, in fact, what I am. There are far too few writers who dedicate themselves to documenting…