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    Mosquitoland by David Arnold

    This is a novel of substance and despair. It is a collection of oddities, and strange ones at that. It is the story of a displaced epiglottis and partial blindness and willful…

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    The Marauders by Tom Cooper

    What do you do when a book can make you sympathetic to a drug addicted man who neglects his estranged wife and daughter and hunts for treasure when he should be working?…

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    Winter Reading

    December is a rather slow month in publishing, so it seems January is filled with exciting releases instead – and apparently January 20th is going to be a good day. Descent /…

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    The Ploughmen by Kim Zupan

    As I sit here, it just so happens – conveniently – that a raging thunderstorm is passing over the city. If there is any review that deserves to be written while surrounded…