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    Favorite Books of 2018

    This post is late. That’s not surprising, necessarily, but I definitely wanted to post it around the start of the New Year. What I find odd about it is that I’m a…

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    The American West

    It’s still November, thankfully, and that means another nonfiction post is coming your way. There are three ways to join in this time. “You can either share three or more books on…

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    I Hate the Way I Don’t Hate You

    There’s not much more terrifying than that image. The full list is older (image borrowed from there), but worth a gander. Choosing the worst of the worst is HARD. Because Voldemort is…

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    This Fall’s Best Fiction (2018)

    I admit that this post’s title is a little misleading. I can’t say this will be the BEST fiction released this autumn, but it is what I am most excited to read…