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    West Side Stories

    The post’s title is incredibly misleading. Sorry. It’s not about West Side Story, which I love as much as anyone else. It’s about Westerns, the oft overlooked genre of fiction. I couldn’t…

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    Coming Soon // Summer 2019

    For me, Memorial Day is the unofficial beginning of summer and thus a perfect time to look at the books I am most excited for this season. I am thrilled for a…

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    The Invited // Jennifer McMahon

    Do you ever getting blogging paralysis? I do. I feel like I don’t have anything to say, when really, given how much I read and think about books, I’m sure I can…

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    Honor Roll // Vol. 3

    I’m certainly not one to declare the book review dead, but I do think it’s the type of post that’s less engaging, less likely to be clicked on, less likely to be…