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    Honor Roll

    I’m certainly not one to declare the book review dead (says the person who wrote a stellar Agatha Christie review that I’m pretty sure no one read), but I do think it’s…

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    The Lost Queen // Signe Pike

    A powerful queen and one of the most influential women in early medieval Scotland, Languoreth has been largely forgotten. Her twin brother Lailoken, also known as Myrrdin, likely became the man that…

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    Rust & Stardust // T. Greenwood

    Florence “Sally” Horner just wants to fit in. When a few of the girls from her class dare her to steal from Woolworth’s – if she does, she can join their exclusive…

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    The Optimistic Decade // Heather Abel

    Which of the following makes The Optimistic Decade worth reading? a) “In the Colorado Desert, a Debut Novelist Finds a Metaphor for Israel and Palestine.”* b) A novel set at an ‘80s…