Alphabetical by author (titles not yet linked are upcoming):

Abbey, Edward The Monkey Wrench Gang
Abel, Heather The Optimistic Decade
Ashley, Kristen Breathe
Andreassen, Michael The Sea Beast Takes a Lover
Arnold, David Mosquitoland
Atwood, Margaret Hag-Seed
Auslander, Shalom Hope: A Tragedy

Bach, Rachel Fortune’s Pawn
Bach, Rachel Heaven’s Queen
Bach, Rachel Honor’s Knight
Bacigalupi, Paolo The Windup Girl
Bauermeister, Erica The Lost Art of Mixing
Bauermeister, Erica The School of Essential Ingredients
Bauman, Ned The Teleportation Accident
Bell, Matt In the House upon the Dirt between the Lake and the Woods
Bergstrom, Heather Brittain Steal the North
Bill, Frank Crimes in Southern Indiana
Bill, Frank Donnybrook
Block, Francesca Lia The Elementals
Blume, Judy Are You There God, It’s Me, Margaret?
Bond, Cynthia Ruby
Boyne, John This House is Haunted
Bradbury, Ray The Small Assassin
Braffet, Kelly Save Yourself
Brunt, Carol Rifka Tell the Wolves I’m Home
Butler, Nickolas Beneath the Bonfire
Butler, Nickolas The Hearts of Men
Butler, Nickolas Shotgun Lovesongs

Cabot, Meg Insatiable
Calhoun, Kenneth  Black Moon
Cantero, Edgar The Supernatural Enhancements
Carver, Raymond The Things We Talk About When We Talk About Love
Carpenter, Don Fridays at Enrico’s
Casey, Anne-Marie No One Could Have Guessed the Weather
Cash, Wiley This Dark Road To Mercy
Charles, Christoper The Exiled
Cheschire, Scott High as the Horses’ Bridle
Christensen, Lars Saabye The Half Brother
Church, Elizabeth J. The Atomic Weight of Love
Clark, Janice The Rathbones
Clayton, Dallas It’s Never Too Late
Cline, Emma The Girls
Cline, Ernest Armada
Cohen, Elizabeth The Hypothetical Girl
Cooper, Tom The Marauders
Comeau, Joey The Summer is Ended and We Are Not Yet Saved
Creagh, Kelly Nevermore
Cutter, Nick The Troop

de la Cruz, Melissa Witches of East End
Dermont, Amber The Starboard Sea
deWitt, Patrick Ablutions
deWitt, Patrick The Sisters Brothers
Dickey, James Deliverance
Dicks, Matthew Memoirs of an Imaginary Friend
DiSclafani, Anton The Yonahlossee Riding Camp for Girls
Dolnick, Ben The Ghost Notebooks
Domet, Sarah The Guineveres
Donohue, Meg How to Eat a Cupcake
Doyle, Brian The Plover
Dubus III, Andre Dirty Love
Duncan, Glen The Last Werewolf

Engel, Amy The Roanoke Girls
Erdelac, Edward M. Andersonville
Eugenides, Jeffrey The Marriage Plot

Faye, Lyndsay Jane Steele
Ferencik, Erica The River at Night
Flanery, Patrick Fallen Land
Foenkinos, David Delicacy
Franklin, Tom Hell at the Breech

Gaiman, Neil American Gods
Gaines, Doctor Michigan, Ten Cents
Gilbert, David & Sons
Goodwin, Daisy The American Heiress
Goulson, Dave A Sting in the Tale
Greenwood, Bryn All the Ugly and Wonderful Things
Greenwood, T. Rust & Stardust
Griffiths, Elly The House at Sea’s End
Griffiths, Elly A Room Full of Bones
Groff, Lauren Florida

Harkness, Deborah A Discovery of Witches
Harkness, Deborah Shadow of Night
Harrington, Rebecca Penelope
Harrison, WayneThe Spark and the Drive
Harun, Adrienne A Man Came Out of the Door in the Mountain
Hayes, Alfred In Love
Heacox, Kim John Muir and the Ice That Started a Fire
Henderson, Smith Fourth of July Creek
Henry, Emily The Love That Split the World
Henry, Sara J. Learning to Swim
Henry, Sara J. A Cold and Lonely Place
Hershon, Joanna A Dual Inheritance
Hill, Joe By the Silver Water of Lake Champlain
Hill, Joe Horns
Hill, Joe NOS4A2
Hill, Joe In the Tall Grass
King, Stephen (and Joe Hill) Throttle
Horn, J.D. The King of Bones and Ashes
Hornby, Nick Songbook
Hoffman, Alice Practical Magic
Hooper, Emma Etta and Otto and Russell and James
Howe, Katherine The House of Velvet and Glass
Hudson, Kerry Tony Hogan Bought Me an Ice Cream Float Before He Stole My Ma
Hunt, Samantha Mr. Splitfoot

Jackman, Clifford The Winter Family
Johnston, Tim The Descent

Kane, Stacia Unholy Ghosts
Kent, Hannah Buriel Rites
King, Lily Euphoria
King, Owen Double Feature
King, Stephen Bag of Bones
King, Stephen Blaze
King, Stephen Blockade Billy
King, Stephen Christine
King, Stephen The Colorado Kid
King, Stephen The Dark Half
King, Stephen The Dead Zone
King, Stephen A Death
King, Stephen Desperation
King, Stephen Dreamcatcher
King, Stephen Eyes of the Dragon
King, Stephen Gerald’s Game
King, Stephen In the Tall Grass
King, Stephen IT
King, Stephen Just After Sunset
King, Stephen The Long Walk
King, Stephen Morality
King, Stephen Needful Things
King, Stephen Pet Sematary
King, Stephen Rage
King, Stephen The Regulators
King, Stephen Revival
King, Stephen ‘Salem’s Lot
King, Stephen The Shining
King, Stephen Skeleton Crew
King, Stephen The Stand
King, Stephen Thinner
King, Stephen (and Joe Hill) Throttle
King, Stephen The Tommyknockers
King, Stephen UR
Kinney, David The Dylanologists
Klaussman, Liza Tigers in Red Weather
Kleypas, Lisa Dream Lake
Kleypas, Lisa Rainshadow Road
Kushner, Rachel The Mars Room
Krzhizhanovsky, Sigizmund Autobiography of a Corpse

Läckberg, Camilla The Preacher
Lang, Ruth Emmie Beasts of Extraordinary Circumstance
Langan, Sarah The Missing
Lansdale, Joe R. Edge of Dark Water
Lansdale, Joe R. Leather Maiden
Lansdale, Joe R. Paradise Sky
Lansdale, Joe R. Prisoner 489
Lansdale, Joe R. The Thicket
Lasser, Scott Say Nice Things about Detroit
Lautner, Robert Road to Reckoning
Leary, Ann The Good House
Liggett, Kim Blood and Salt
Link, Kelly Get in Trouble
Lipsyte, Sam The Fun Parts
Livesey, Margot The Flight of Gemma Hardy
Lotz, Sarah The White Road
Lovecraft, H. P. The Shunned House (from The Other Gods and More Unearthly Tales)

Mack, Karen and Jennifer Kaufman Freud’s Mistress
MacKenzie, Sally The Naked Gentleman
Marcus, Ben The Flame Alphabet
Marion, Isaac Warm Bodies
Mathis, Ayana The Twelve Tribes of Hattie
McBride, James The Good Lord Bird
McGuire, Jamie Beautiful Disaster
McGuire, Jamie Walking Disaster
McIntosh, Will Hitchers
McKibben, Bill Oil and Honey
McMahon, Jennifer The Night Sister
McMahon, Jennifer The Winter People
McOmber, Adam The White Forest
McVeigh, Jennifer The Fever Tree
Melamed, JennieGather the Daughters
Metcalf, Ben Against the Country
Moran, Caitlin How To Build a Girl
Morgan, Kass The 100
Morley, Isla Above
Morris, Katherine Faw Young God
Morton, Kate The Forgotten Garden
Morton, Kate The Lake House
Morton, Kate The Secret Keeper
Mulhauser, Travis Sweetgirl
Munro, Alice Hateship, Friendship, Courtship, Loveship, Marriage

Neville, Stuart Those We Left Behind
Nicholas, Douglas Something Red
North, Anna America Pacifica
Novak, Chase Brood

Ogawa, Yoko Revenge

Pancake, Breece D’J. Trilobites and Other Stories
Park, Patricia Re Jane
Parris, S. J. Sacrilege
Paull, Laline The Bees
Pollock, Donald Ray The Devil All the Time
Pollock, Donald Ray The Heavenly Table
Pollock, Donald Ray Knockemstiff
Porter, Jason Why Are You So Sad?
Priest, Cherie Fiddlehead
Prouty, Royce Stoker’s Manuscript
Punke, Michael The Revenant

Racculia, Kate Bellweather Rhapsody
Rasmussen, Rebecca Evergreen
Rideout, Tanis Above All Things
Riley, Peggy Amity & Sorrow
Rindell, Suzanne The Other Typist
Roche, Charlotte Wrecked
Rolling Stone The Bob Dylan Special Collectors Edition
Russo, Richard Nobody’s Fool
Russo, Richard Straight Man

Salter, James A Sport and a Pastime
Sandford, John Deadline
Sandford, John Field of Prey
Sandford John Silken Prey
Sandford, John Stolen Prey
Sandford, John Storm Front
Schrank, Ben Love Is a Canoe
Shields, Carol The Republic of Love
Shields, Kieran The Truth of all Things
Shipstead, Maggie Astonish Me
Shipstead, Maggie Seating Arrangements
Simsion, Graeme The Rosie Project
Smith, Alexis M. Marrow Island
Soderberg, Alexander The Andalucian Friend
Sommerville, Patrick This Bright River
Sommerville, Patrick The Universe in Miniature in Miniature
Stewart, Amy Girl Waits With Gun
Story, Jack Trevor The Trouble with Harry
Strayed, Cheryl Wild

Thompson, Ted The Land of Steady Habits

VanderMeer, Jeff Annihilation
Vapnyar, Lara The Scent of Pine
Vaslyn, Vlad Yorick
Vásquez, Juan Gabrel The Sound of Things Falling
Venturini, Fred The Heart Does Not Grow Back
Vestal, Shawn Godforsaken Idaho

Wallace, Danny Charlotte Street
Wallach, Tommy We All Looked Up
Watson, Brad Miss Jane
Wayne, Teddy Loner
Weir, Andy The Martian
Weller, Lance Wilderness
Whitehead, Colson Zone One
Whitmer, Benjamin Cry Father
Wilhide, Elizabeth Ashenden
Willett, Sabin Abide With Me
Williams, Beatriz A Hundred Summers
Williams, Beatriz The Secret Life of Violet Grant
Wink, Callan Dog Run Moon
Winspear, Jacqueline The Care and Management of Lies
Woodrell, Daniel Winter’s Bone
Wright, Callie Love All
Wyld, Evie All the Birds, Singing

Yanique, Tiphanie Land of Love and Drowning
Yates, Christopher J. Grist Mill Road
Yellin, Linda What Nora Knew
Young, Hester The Shimmering Road

Zupan, Kim The Ploughmen

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