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    The River // Peter Heller

    “They got hot. They paddled hard. Almost thirty miles on a flat-water current was a long way even for them. Because the river slowed and expended itself in unexpected wide coves. From…

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    Making: I would figuratively kill for some homemade macaroni and cheese on real pasta, but I am making this roasted red pepper chickpea pasta recipe instead.Drinking: Water, today. I finished an entire…

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    Coming Soon // Spring 2019 Edition.

    Coming soon to a library/bookstore/ereader near you! These are some of the books that have caught my eye. The hardest part is choosing which ones to read. Even admitting I won’t get…

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    Come West and See // Maxim Loskutoff

    Short story collections are my jam. They’re typically readable, I can sit down, read a story, and get back up without worrying about losing my place in the larger narrative arc. You…