Making: I would figuratively kill for some homemade macaroni and cheese on real pasta, but I am making this roasted red pepper chickpea pasta recipe instead.
Drinking: Water, today. I finished an entire bottle of rose last night (not entirely by myself).
Reading: Wicked Saints by Emily A. Duncan
Listening: Sudden Prey by John Sandford
Organizing: Everything!
Coveting: Babaa knitwear. I don’t need another cardigan, but I also do.
Watching: I’ve been wanting to catch up on American Gods, after finishing the audio.
Wishing: That I was still young enough that I could eat and drink what I want, when I want.
Planning: We have a trip to Asia coming up. I’m trying to plan how to pack for the whole thing. It feels overwhelming.
Fearing: I’ve probably mentioned I hate air travel. It would be better if someone would just sedate me before I got on the plane.
Accomplishing: Not this blog. I’m still here. I still want to write. I’m just so TIRED. It’s all those kids, I tell you.
Needing: One of my biggest failing as an adult, from a health perspective, is my inability to establish healthy sleep habits.
Considering: What to wear to an ’80s fundraiser this weekend. I’m thinking there will be tulle.
Wondering: I didn’t publish this post before my trip as planned, so this is slightly out of date: This upcoming trip to Texas is our first backpack only trip. Everyone gets on small backpack to pack their week’s worth of stuff in. The real question is can everyone do it?
Feeling: Cheap. The backpack idea came from my unwillingness to pay airline baggage fees for everyone.
Thinking: About eBags. Are they worth it?
Celebrating: My oldest just turned 11!

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