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Every year or so, or whenever I can manage, quite honestly, I like to put together a usable gift guide for the people in your life who need books (meaning everyone). I’ve seriously considered publishing this list in October, so that I don’t get lost in the very big crowd, but I think we all know I am not that on top of things. Does that stop me from making it?

Not at all.With that in mind, I’m hoping to include a few selections beyond the obvious Becoming by Michelle Obama (go read it, but you’ve probably had ten lists tell you that already) or An American Marriage (also a must read). Perhaps you love national parks? I’ve got a book for that. The ’80s? I have two for that decade! What about a quintessential, small town diner? I have one for that too. Here are a few suggestions:

What to give someone who wants to read about the (fictional, but all too real) way the oil and gas industry has changed rural America (excellent debut, too): Kickdown // Rebecca Clarren

What to give someone who wants to learn about wildfire from a personal perspective: A Song for the River // Philip Connors

What to give someone who loves the show American Gods, but has already read Gaiman’s American Gods: The Library at Mount Char // Scott Hawkins

What to give someone who loves national parks: The Wild Inside // Christine Carbo (fiction) or The Hour of Land // Terry Tempest Williams (nonfiction)

What to give someone who loves a good, old fashioned diner and karmic retribution: Everybody’s Fool // Richard Russo

What to give someone who loves fairy tales with feminist underpinnings: Spinning Silver // Naomi Novik

What to give someone who is still mourning the loss of Firefly: A Big Ship at the Edge of the Universe // Alex White

What to gives someone who (still) loves the ’80s: The Optimistic Decade // Heather Abel (fiction) or Life Moves Pretty Fast: The Lessons We Learned from Eighties Movies (and Why We Don’t Learn Them from Movies Anymore) // Hadley Freeman

If you’re unsure about buying a book, a gift card to a bookstore is always appreciated, and there are always cute items available on Etsy and from Out of Print.

What are you gifting the people in your life this year?

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