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Making: Not beef stew. I hate it, yet keep thinking I’ll like it. It was the soup of the day while I was at work.
Drinking: I made one too many of these the other night (long live gin), I was just so excited to see plums back in the store.
ReadingThe Adulterants, though I think this one will be a miss for me.
Organizing: The weekly grocery list. Lately, I am absolutely fascinated by food budgets, especially after digging in to this series by The Kitchn (Budget Food Diaries).
Coveting: All the clogs. By the time I justify them to myself, their moment of popularity will have passed.
ListeningLola Black – Nothing’s Gonna Be Alright
Watching: Death Comes to Pemberley. I did not know it was a series! Though I remain one of the few people who wishes I was able to watch more television (I average maybe 30-45 minutes a week).
Smelling: Hearth & Home’s Cedar Magnolia Candle.
Wishing: To incorporate healthier recipes into our weekly rotation. Generally we do well, but I may have gotten the news that my cholesterol is a tad high, so less cheese is on the horizon. It’s still well under 200, but I’d rather be conscientious of it so it doesn’t get worse.
Loving: My new job that is only on weekdays. Goodbye weekend work.
Planning: A road trip! We’re doing loop through the southwest this spring (including Arches, ab0ve).
Anticipating: Seeing The Offspring in concert, with tacos.
Needing: To go car shopping. The prospect is horrifying.
Feeling: The urge to spring clean.
Hosting: Book club! We read Betting the Farm on a Drought by Seamus McGraw. There was a very good discussion about what we do individually to help reduce our carbon foot print. My most recent changes include (my family) eating meat free three times a week, stopping using my dryer, and walking to the grocery store during my lunch break (instead of driving to a store after work).
Wanting: To jump back into the community aspect of books. I’ve gotten a small handle on posting more frequently, and I joined a bookish Instagram challenge, but I still feel out of the loop so to speak (because I am…).
Wondering: If Mueller will hurry up.
Celebrating: My daughter started walking. For many reasons, including because it’s adorable, this was a big milestone for her.

Anyone have any amazing tips to food budgeting (or read that series)? We’re trying to offset the fact that my daughter’s daycare raised rates again and potentially replacing our old car.

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