Fates and Furies // Six Degrees of Separation

The idea behind this exercise is to connect books in any way that’s meaningful to you, from the profound to the inane. Although Kevin Bacon is typically behind the six degrees game, books are just a bit more fun. Like a few other chains I’ve visited, I too had a hard time figuring out where to start with this month’s prompt. I haven’t read Fates and Furies by Lauren Groff, though I want to, so I was stumped. In what was probably the world’s tiniest epiphany, I decided to simply link it by the idea of “want to read”.

Fate and Furies Six Degrees

For the purpose of this exercise, I chose the last book I added to my to be read list, which was Wigs on the Green by Nancy Mitford (based on Kate’s review). Using Mitford as my next link, I thought of John Sandford’s character Neil Mitford (from his long running Lucas Davenport series), who appeared most recently in Extreme Prey. One of the weird things about a Lucas Davenport novel is that it always makes me crave a really good cheeseburger.

If you were to dig through my archives (please don’t), you’d find that the book Nobody’s Fool by Richard Russo has the exact same odd effect. Nobody’s Fool was turned into a surprisingly decent movie starring Paul Newman (not as good as the book, of course).

Paul Newman also starred in the adaptation of Nicholas Sparks’ Message in a Bottle, and while I didn’t particularly care for the book or the movie, Paul Newman is never a bad thing. Message in a Bottle takes place on the North Carolina shore and while it’s certainly not exactly the same, it’s at least similar to Virginia’s coast, which is the setting of The Shore by Sara Taylor.

The Shore has a gritty, Southern Gothic vibe with a fair amount of family drama. In that respect, it is similar to The Heavenly Table by Donald Ray Pollock. And with that, I’ve reached the end of my chain!

From Fates and Furies to The Heavenly Table in seven easy steps. Where would you end up? Give it a try.


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