Sweet Baby June

ivy-juneAlthough I mentioned it in passing on my last post, I will formally interrupt this silence to tell you that my husband, two sons, and I welcomed a baby girl into our family on November 15. Her name is Ivy June (we call her both Ivy and June – one month in and we are undecided whether she’s an Ivy or a June) and she is very sweet and mellow. It was, generally speaking, an uneventful labor and delivery. The only complications were expected and brilliantly handled by the hospital staff (I was very grateful). Until I get into some sort of routine, I’m sure I will pop in and out of this space. I do miss talking about books with other bookish adults, but I love newborns as well. Until then, I will go about my day as if I’m not ruled by three tiny dictators of my own making. I am in control. Completely.

Happy reading and happy holidays to all.

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