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So I have a bit of blogging paralysis, one might say. I fret about the fact I have nothing to say (well, nothing suitable for public consumption) and then I say nothing at all. Vicious cycle.

My reviews sit unwritten. My bookish and not so bookish thoughts stay unshared. And I have that vague “what am I missing/am I left?” out of the blogging world that I rarely participate in anymore. It’s weird. More than anything, I think I need to get into the habit of writing again.

It other news… Let’s address my recent goals.

In September I was hoping to:

01. Go camping in Rocky Mountain National Park. Done! As evidenced here and here.

02. Paint. Nope, but I picked a color!

03. Blog once a week/Read one book a week. I thought I had failed miserably, but I had 6 posts (7 if you include my last goal post) and I read a few books I really enjoyed.

04. Get a nursery going. Well…not exactly, but I did buy a car seat and a chair. It’s the little things?

05. Save money. So-so. I bought a car seat, a crib sheet, a rocking chair, and some baby clothes that didn’t have disgusting stains on them. Also, in this regard, I didn’t realize when I packed away clean baby clothes the hidden stains would show up in storage. I should’ve known, but I didn’t.

06. Cook at home more. Fail. We’ve had family in town, so I didn’t pay for a lot of my dining out, though that doesn’t quite excuse it.

Now for October:

01. Keep up blogging once a week and add commenting to the mix. Specifically, I’d like to catch up on the bookish six degrees of separation.

02. Paint. Is it of any interest to post about the progress? I don’t know.

03. Have a baby/reach full term. Every time I say this, I just know he/she will stay in until mid-November. But as long as it stays in long enough for me to get my ballot in the mail, I’m good. Make sure you vote!

04. Actually get rid of all the stuff I decided to donate. It’s currently sitting on the floor mocking me.

05. Get through my work schedule. I have several night/outreach events that I’m scheduled for in October and my exhaustion has been extreme as of late.

06. Deep clean my house. It’s good to have goals?

What’s on your list? Has anyone else figured out how to send motivation to someone else? I totally need that!

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