What I Read (And What I Should’ve Been Reading)

On top of things I am not.

That being said, I know a brilliant twist on a topic when I see one. Kate’s take on back to school books made me smile and think, which is a reaction not to be taken lightly when reading on the interwebs. What was I assigned to read in school? And what did I read instead? Though, in my case, I did – happily, generally speaking! – do the required reading.


1996: I should’ve been reading Brave New World, and I’m almost certain I did. I have vague recollections of Soma and John the Savage, so I must’ve. Clearly dystopian wasn’t my genre even then… What did I read and love (and remember quite well)? IT by Stephen King. I eventually watched the terrifying movie as well, and now they are coming out with another.

1997: I did read and absolutely HATED Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte. My severe opinion has slightly lessened over time, but I’m still definitely not a fan. This was also the year I discovered one of my grandmother’s romances and I still remember it vividly – Sweet Liar by Jude Devereaux (naive Sam, identical twin millionaires, art theft, oh my!).

1998: I remember slogging through One Hundred Years of Solitude and offsetting it with what I considered fluff at the time – Forever by Judy Blume.

2000: For what it’s worth, these years are all estimates. I believe 2000 was the year I discovered that I did, in fact, love Thomas Hardy with Return of the Native. But I didn’t find it shocking or particularly enthralling, so I picked up Go Ask AliceThis didn’t work either, as I didn’t find it shocking and the hype was kind of lost on me. Clearly my cynical nature is long running.

So, long time bookworms, did you offset school reading with leisure reading?

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