And then I thought “What’s one more?”

And that phrase is how I wound up expecting my third baby. That may not be exactly how it went, but you get the idea. My two sons are my favorite people in the world and the idea of another little person is very appealing.


^^A baby! And 50 million layers of clothing.^^

So, to answer all the burning questions that I know you must have…

(But really to record these things for posterity.)

How far along? 20 weeks.
Due date? November 13th.
Boy or girl? We’re not finding out until delivery! And no, I have no preference, nor did I go into this venture trying to have one or the other.
Any intuition? Nope. If it matters at all, this pregnancy is very similar to my first, but not nearly as pleasant as my second. I’m pretty sure it’s human…
Cravings? I’m not much of a craving person, more a food aversion person, but salad. Lots and lots of salad. With grilled chicken, please.
Weight gain? 6 pounds.
Baby names? Not a clue!
Morning sickness? Tons.
What am I most excited about? The baby + not being pregnant anymore. Some people love it, I love how it ends. I’m willing to put in my 38+ weeks, but am very much looking forward to having my body back.
Will I start talking about baby stuff more? Probably not, this is more just a random life update (and why things have been a little (extra) quiet around here – zero energy and all of that).

Now, if I get a little applause for camping up the coast of California and Oregon with two small children and a husband in tow (while nearly five months pregnant), I’d really appreciate it. Thanks.

(I always worry that sarcasm doesn’t translate online, and that’s practically my second language…)

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