Casual Friday

I found casual Friday to be a good summation of this post. It’s not formal, not bookish, and I didn’t want to be obligated to post five things (yet I did), so all of my previous titles are sort of out.

Crater Lake

01. First, in the *fun* category, we are refinancing our house. I cannot tell you how excited about this I am, because, quite frankly, I am not excited. But it’s a smart financial move for us, it’ll take five years off of our current pay schedule. Etc, etc. Basically, I am just whining about have to do adult things.

02. Which, of course, means the house needed to be reappraised, which we got 24 hours notice for. So guess what I spent yesterday doing? Cleaning and fixing all the things.

03. I’m short, which I am generally okay with. Except! I want to be able to wear all the floral-hippie-peasant inspired dressed this summer. My fear? That I’ll end up looking like a big round ball. This, this, and this one are all ones I’d love to try on.

04. I definitely try to be a healthy and active person. Being gluten free was an excellent way for me to lose the last remaining weight I wanted and to cope with an autoimmune disease. Since reintroducing gluten into my life, both of those have become an issue again. Clearly I have the willpower of a toddler.

05. Next month, we’re heading – briefly – to Crater Lake. It should be…fun? I like to camp, but more in theory than in actuality.

06. I turned on my computer to list some items on craigslist and somehow ended up posting a blog instead. Happy Friday!

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(Photo found here.)

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