Childhood Idols

Nancy DrewI will take a minute to be thankful that we are not judged on our childhood idols. Right? Right. If we were, I’d clearly be blond, meddlesome, and prone to trouble – but also, I’d be absolutely darling. I don’t know that I’d necessarily want to revisit any of these characters. Some of them I lived and breathed as a child, so I don’t need any more time with them. Some of them I have updates on.

10. Roberta // Now and Then. Not bookish, but true. I fiercely identified with the smart, sassy, tomboy Roberta. I also loved Devon Sawa and Caspar. (I said no judgement.)

09. Ramona //Beverly Cleary. Pest or not, Ramona is the best.

08. Matilda // Roald Dahl. Smart and gifted.

07. Mary Ann Spier . BSC forever.

06. Nancy Drew. Enough said. But also blond, roadster, and apparently invincible…. Also, I’ve revisited Nanc Drew as an adult, it wasn’t pretty.

05. Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield // SVH. Though I clearly identify with Elizabeth, I always kind of wanted to be Jessica too.

04. Harriet the Spy // Lousie Fitzhugh. Spy!

03. Margaret. I could probably devote a whole list to Judy Blume, because Sally J Freedman would definitely be on there too.

02. Buffy // Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Also not bookish, but why not?

01. The many I did not list. It’s late, I know I’m missing one or two. Dirk Pitt? Frannie Goldsmith? Someone else nontraditional?

Who did you want to be?

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