In Case You Missed It…

The book blogging world has a way of moving on quickly, no matter how good the book was (Gone Girl and Girl on the Train not withstanding…). So, in case you missed these the first time I mentioned them, I thought I’d remind you, these books are worth reading! Just on the off chance you’d forgotten them…

In Case You Missed IT

10. The Ploughmen // Kim Zupan. “A young sheriff and a hardened killer form an uneasy and complicated bond in this mesmerizing first novel set on the plains of Montana.”

09. The Rathbones // Janice Clark. If Tim Burton collaborated with Charles Addams to rewrite and combine The Odyssey and Moby-Dick, you would get The Rathbones.

08. A Man Came Out of the Door in the Mountain // Adrienne Harun. The devil is alive and well in northwestern Vancouver. And there’s more than one.

07. The Marauders // Tom Cooper. What do you do when a book can make you sympathetic to a drug addicted man who neglects his estranged wife and daughter and hunts for treasure when he should be working? You love it.

06. Fourth of July Creek // Smith Henderson. “And what could be more magical, more alchemical, than a soft yellow metal that derives from itself currencies and wars and then more complicated magics like markets and exchanges, loans, interest, compound interest, mortgages, credit cards, lotteries, futures, bonds, derivatives, short stocks, all manner of financial spells burgeoning out in ever increasing complexity and intricacy like a heathen mandala, all of it originating in a substance that has no physical application save as a symbol of itself in coin or bar.” A Montana social worker attempts to save a boy, even as his own family suffers.

05. Tony Hogan Bought Me an Ice Cream Float Before He Stole My Ma // Kerry Hudson

“Get out, you cunting, shitting, little fucking fucker!’ were the first words I ever heard.”

And so opens the brilliant, funny debut novel by Kerry Hudson. Not only is the opening line memorable, it serves as a litmus test. If a reader were to find it overwhelmingly offensive, then they should stop there. If you can see the humor in the words that greeted Janie Ryan upon arrival into this world, I think you’ll enjoy this novel.

04. The Winter Family // Clifford Jackman. If Quentin Tarantino wrote western novels, I can’t help but feel if would be almost exactly this.

03. The Monkey Wrench Gang // Edward Abbey. By all means, this is an environment classic for the earlier generations, but I can’t help but feel like this one is being missed by the 20-30ish crowd. An important, though provoking, funny piece of literature.

02. Dog Run Moon // Callan Wink. Short stories set among the wide open plains of Montana.

01. Only Love Can Break Your Heart // Ed Tarkington. A bit of southern gothic blended with rock and roll, that is a combination that you can’t go wrong with.

Apparently I think y’all are missing out on literature set in Montana, as that is where 30% of these books take place. Interesting… What books do you feel are getting overlooked?

(This week’s prompt is books on my spring TBR list, but I’ve already done a post like that. Instead, I’m stealing next week’s prompt because I’ll be on a road trip! Instead, I’m hoping to add to you TBR stacks.)

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