Avoiding Burnout

One of the best Einstein photoshops of all time. But seriously, don’t explode.

Today’s questions for #BBAW are tough: How do you keep things fresh on your blog and in your reading? How do you stay sane, grounded, and generally happy in your blogging?

The answer is…I don’t. But for me, the good outweighs the bad. I have quite a few of the “no one is reading my blog, I should just quit” and “how does everyone make it look so easy?!” But I also have as many moments of feeling included and appreciated and like this is another outlet for friendship, camaraderie, and understanding. I’ve met some really amazing and genuine people, and that makes up for when things can be less pleasant (and there are times when it is).

My advice is likely to be a repetition of what you’ve read elsewhere, simply because it’s true!

1. Let it go. Once I humbly accepted that I would never “make it” in blogging, it got a little easier.

2. Figure out your priorities. Is it originality? Participation? Follower numbers? For me, it’s a balance of good design (my blog design matters too much to me) and original content, with good food and music sprinkled in. Do I always achieve this? Certainly not, but it’s good to have goals.

3. Find a niche, but don’t limit yourself. From what I can tell, I’m known for reading “darker, quirky” literature, but long time followers know I have a deep love for classics (Charlotte Bronte and Thomas Hardy), as well as John Irving. I also struggle with my blog name now, because reviews aren’t nearly as prominent as the used to be.

4. Don’t over commit/Learn to say no. You don’t have to do anything, this is a hobby (I imagine there are exceptions to this, but I haven’t run into it). A good, but sad, example of this is yesterday I missed the how do I keep in touch/stay connected post. I didn’t have time to get one up and it’s generally fairly evident that social media isn’t my strong suit.

How do I keep things fresh? I don’t know that I do, but a few of the things I’ve tried are taking breaks from features that aren’t working. I used to really enjoy literary mixtapes, but they are actually a lot of work for me, so I am on hiatus. In lieu of those, I’ve started something called “Tiny Book Reviews” where I post on Instagram and sometimes coincide that with a post. If I don’t, I just let it go. Sometimes career/reationships/children/school/whatever you have get in the way and that is okay.

Now if I can follow my own advice and go a little easier on myself, I will be golden.

(Probably won’t happen.)

How do you keep things fresh/avoid burnout?

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