How To Choose Which Jane Eyre Adaptation To Watch.

I received many envy-inducing out of office replies while I was at work today, on a Sunday. Apparently none of my coworkers will be back in the office until January 4th, but don’t worry, in case of library emergency, please contact “insert my work email here”.  Merry, merry!

I’m not really quite so grinchy. By the time I get home tonight, I will be tired and ready to watch…Jane Eyre. It’s the holiday season (and super cold here in Denver) and I’m not inclined to take on any big projects, so movies are a good option for me. Which Jane? I do not know, but I did find this fantastic illustration to help you figure it out (Sky Friedlander is the brilliant illustrator behind this).

Jane Eyre Illustration Here’s my rough breakdown for those interested:

Jane Eyre (2011). The one with Mia Wasikowska and Michael Fassbender. It’s gorgeous to watch, but lacks a lot of the novel’s depth. Despite being mostly modern, I pined after Jane’s hair and dresses throughout the film.

Jane Eyre (2006). Far and away, this is the best of the bunch. Rather a bit racy in comparison to the other.

Jane Eyre (1996). The one with Charlotte Gainsbourg. I saw this one before I read the book and fell in love with William Hurt. Don’t judge (yes, I know he’s not very good). I believed Anna Paquin was the best actress ever around the time I watched this. My opinion was based on Fly Away Home.

Jane Eyre (1983). Bond! And I did not care for Zelah Clarke as Jane, at all.

Jane Eyre (1997). Rochester was sometimes a jerk, but generally not an outright asshole.

Jane Eyre (1943). I like it, but not enough to watch it again. Calling Joan Fontaine plain is also quite a stretch.

Jane Eyre The Musical. I don’t know what to say, and no, I have not watched (or listened) to it.

Best of luck in choosing! Let me know if you have a favorite. I’ll likely watch part of the 2006 adaptation.

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