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BackpackTo be honest, I always thought this would be me. Maybe there’s still time….

10. I am a bit of a home design junkie. I love it, though I don’t do much of it anymore. Anyway, I look forward to the color of the year announcements every year. This year, the color of the year is…white. Specifically, Benjamin Moore’s is super white and Sherwin Williams’ is Alabaster. So. Much. Color. Waiting on you, Pantone.

09. I recently finished clearing out my closet. I am strangely proud of this. I only kept this things I wear regularly or fit with my wardrobe, with a few special occasion items (like I kept my suit jacket, but rarely wear it). Also, I still have my prom dress. What I’m going to do with that, I have no idea…

08. I still feel like a bad blogger, not because anyone expects anything for me, but solely for the expectations I have of myself. However I can assuredly say I don’t disappoint anyone as often as I disappoint myself. So, I’m doing good?

07. I recently decided I had to read the book The Lesser Blessed. Patience is not always my strong suit, so sooner rather than later would’ve been fantastic. However none of my local libraries had it. I requested a copy through inter library loan, but it made me realize how much I take my access to whatever I want to read for granted.

06. I want a sewing machine. And the patience to use it. That is all.

05. It snowed last week. It snowed this week. It’ll snow next week. Hello winter, I did not miss you.

04. I recently, finally, listed a lot of unused furniture and such on Craigslist. If anything sells, I will consider it a win.

03. I hate Thanksgiving for the over commercialization and greed that has taken over the holiday. Furthermore, almost my entire family lives back in northern New England, so there is never a big gathering to attend. This year, we’re having two people over and making spaghetti. It’s been a hard year for my family and none of us really feel like celebrating.

02. But Thanksgiving means I can put up my Christmas tree!!! I love decorating for Christmas, at the appropriate time of the year.

01. Predictions on how many broken ornaments and branches I’ll have? I have two cats, two kittens, and two kids. It won’t be pretty.

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