Now Reading, Monday, September 14th.

Monday September 14

So. Tired.

I’d like to come up with something more interesting than that to talk about, but that’s the overwhelming feeling here. I’m still finding time to read, but not for much else. I’ve got one of my least favorite tasks scheduled at work tomorrow and my littlest thinks 2am is party time, which means the highlight of my day tomorrow will likely be my book (or lunch, but likely the combination of the two). Luckily, I’ve got a few interesting books going right now. I’ve started in on Christine by Stephen King, which I haven’t read in maybe 20 years (for RIP X), Menagerie by Rachel Vincent, which I started on without realizing it will be a series (something I try to avoid), and Scrapper by Matt Bell (…weird is rad?).

Something is likely to stick, right? It’s Monday, September 14, what are you reading?

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