Sixes and Sevens (and a giveaway!)

Road Trip

This week I present you bookish and not so bookish thoughts. Cheers to the weekend.

10. Despite the fact that I am a fairly methodical and organized person, there is one trend that I do not understand. Adult coloring. That does no mean I don’t think it produces amazing results, because it does. It’s just personally not for me. Which means those of you who love it are in luck! I recently received a copy of Anastasia Catris’ Color Me Mindful Underwater and because I cannot use it, I’m passing it on to you. Just leave a comment and I’ll randomly pick a winner next Friday.

09. New layout. I’m still working on little things, but hey, it’s functional.

08. The amount of wine you need to survive back to school parenting moments. Enjoy.

07. I recently considered writing a post that consisted solely of say “Adulting is hard. Be back soon.” I didn’t, but I thought about it.

06. Last night I couldn’t sleep because I didn’t stick to my blogging schedule, like you all miss me so much.

05. Worth noting, my blogging schedule is strictly self-imposed. No one expects me to blog three times a week, except me. But I often hold myself to somewhat unrealistic expectations and when I don’t meet them, I am disappointed. I was lying in bed at 11:30 thinking, “I should just get up and type something.”

04. On that note, I am sitting on a review that is 95% finished. Why haven’t I just finished it? I don’t know… If you want to see the majority of the review, check out the Nerdy Special List – which you should do anyway.

03. Reasons outside is the worst (whine about it). Despite that I spent a ridiculous amount of time being a nature lover, this is funny. Guys, there are spiders and squirrels outside!

02. I’ve thought about starting an around my house feature. I’ve spent five years updating the cutest little Cape Cod style house. Aside from reading, working, and parenting, it’s where a large portion of my time goes. The thing is, my house is not Pinterest worthy*, but at the same time I want to jump up and say “hey look, I finished a project!”

01. Kate’s #8. Because I’m bitter with a sense of humor?

Bookish and not so bookish thoughts is a meme created by Christine, get amongst it.

*I’m convinced the secret of pinterest worthy homes is excellent photography.

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