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Completely off topic to this post, but did you know a corpse flower is about to bloom in Denver? It’s true. I’ll let you know if it smells as bad as they say it does…

Moving on, but please, check out that doughnut made in honor of bloom. Just…inappropriate, right? The plant’s scientific name is Amorphophallus titanium. Well earned, clearly.

I know some of you are one book at a time kind of readers. I am not. I typically have five or six going at any one time. I have a fair amount of required reading for my job, so that always accounts for a book or two, but I genuinely do have around four books going at once. I’m a mood reader. Based on my reading the week, my mood seems to have been all over the place – which is true. So maybe there really is a connection?

Monday August 17

I started Kate Morton’s upcoming novel The Lake House, which seems to be a very Kate Morton-esque novel (I’m killing it in the book description department, I know). I’ve also started Crooked by Austin Grossman, which is an ARC I got last month. I decided to read it based on this snippet from NPR’s review: “Grossman out-nuts the nut-jobs with a premise that’s as outlandish as it is superbly conceived. . . . Crooked isn’t simply a work of simple satire or wonky alt-history; it’s a speculative character study that taps into truths about Nixon that may be more essential than literal. That is, when they’re not deliciously absurd.” And I’ve been rounding that out with Stephen King’s Revival, which I did not review when it was released, but I would like to now (if I ever plan to get anywhere in my SK project).

What are you reading? Anyone else get all nerdy about rare plants?

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