Dead (And Not So Dead) White Guys


That title*.

Meant with a hint of sarcasm.

And yet not, because apparently I do read a lot of books by white men. I’ve made an effort to diversify my reading (with varying levels of success), but clearly there is room for improvement. This week’s top ten list is authors I have read the most of, which makes my recent efforts to expand my reading horizons seemingly all for naught. History doesn’t lie**!

10. Thomas Hardy. Because Return of the Natives made me think classics were okay. And I’d totally name a brood of children Jude, Tess, Thomasin, and Gabriel. The whole post is worth it just to share the picture (I found it here), because I imagine Hardy as the world’s most dour cyclist.

Also, bleakness is my weakness.

09. Joe R. Lansdale. Champion mojo storyteller.

08. Richard Russo. I may have talked about Empire Falls a time or twelve.

07. John Sandford. How can I not love Lucas? And with over 20 novels in the series, I’ve read a lot of books by the author.

06. Joe Hill. So much to love – comics, novels, and short stories.

05. John Irving. A Prayer for Owen Meany. Enough Said.

04. Dan Simmons. With books like The Terror and Summer of Night, this local author is hard to resist.

03. Daniel Woodrell. Sometimes a movie starts it all. After enjoying Winter’s Bone, I discovered the book (which was better, naturally), and the rest is reading history.

02. Cormac McCarthy. Drawing a blank here, because I can’t really describe why you should read Child of God, but you should. If you do, I’m sorry.

01. Stephen King. Obviously.

*Where do you fall on the spectrum of dead to not dead? Clearly there are degrees. My sense of humor could use a little help these days.
**Kidding! History is a pathological liar.

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