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Monday. I pretty much have nothing nice to say about it. The exception to this may be that I’m going to eat a BLT for lunch. Yay bacon. The past week was a lackluster reading week, I had family in town and a wonky – not a word I get to often use – work schedule, but this week is on track to be normal – except that I can’t get in to anything I’m reading. I’m hoping these two will change that.

After all the stellar press in the book blogging world, I’m hoping to finish The Shore (all of the praise is kind of hard to ignore). I’m also hoping to participate in #BlumeAlong (hosted by Kerry at Entomology of a Bookworm) with Are You There God, It’s Me Margaret?

June 29 Reading

How is your week in reading? Does anyone else need a cupcake? Because Leah has some.

*Edited to add that the bacon helped the day. Now to somehow procure take-out and gin for dinner…

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