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I can’t believe it’s been a week since my last Now Reading post with zero posts in between. For shame. I don’t know where the time went. Well I do, but I don’t, if that makes sense. Work stress, deadlines, so on and so forth. This week I have blogging plans though. I already have my Tuesday post written (who have I become?!) and I’ve got a tentative plan for Thursday. After wrapping up both Deadline and Beneath the Bonfire, I started reading The Blondes. I’m having a hard time with it*, but I think if you go in expecting a totally unrealistic, B-movie worthy plot you might like it (blondes, even fake ones, are at risk of contracting a rabies like disease that turns them in to killers). I’ve also been pouring over the new Schoolhouse Electric catalog (in its entirety online, you’re welcome). I almost wish I was kidding, but their design aesthetic is drool worthy. Even though I only own a few pieces by them, their quality and customer service is amazing. For anyone interested in a Scandinavian influenced, vintage schoolhouse-esque furniture and lighting company, check them out. I rounded out the week with In the Kingdom of Ice, which is part of my (tentative) Thursday plan.

It’s Monday, May 4th**, what are you reading?

*Yet as I type this, I am halfheartedly watching the dreadful Fool’s Good with Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey. And I’m mildly enjoying all the camp, so clearly my taste is questionable.
**It’s impossible to resist may the fourth be with you.

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