The Winter Family

Fun fact about me? I hate the smell of vanilla. It makes me gag. The one and only time in my life where I consumed a tad too much to drink involved vanilla flavored vodka. Despite that being over a decade ago, the smell still sends me running*. In this particular novel, the variety of killing and torture is prolific and creative, but the only scene that turned my stomach a little was one involving vanilla extract in a pantry.

That being said, The Winter Family, a gang of mismatched men headed by the one and only Augustus Winters, spans from the civil war to 1900. It’s only natural that there are a lot of casualties. Kind of. Augustus Winters likes to be cruel. He’s cold (with a rather fitting name), tough, and calculating – and he enjoys that. From Georgia to Chicago to Canada to California, the novel follows this despicable band of mercenaries as they move from one disaster – they’ve caused – to the next.

“The world’s a hard fucking place,” Winter said. His hand moved just a little on the stock of his shotgun. “A little hard to get by with just please.”

It’s quite possible that the bodies pile up faster than the pages in this one, but don’t let that put you off. It’s also a stellar, well-plotted tale of brutality and lawlessness during a time when the world was incredibly brutal and lawless. There are no heroes here, nor any anti-heroes, it’s just the story of ruthless men justifying their actions however they need to to make it through the day. If a historical western noir with more than a few bodies and bloody good writing** sounds appealing, get this one immediately.

(Also, that cover! Right?)

How do you follow up a brutal read? Do you read something a bit lighter after? Sometimes I need to and sometimes I just jump right back in.

Winter Family

Pair this one with Vanilla Sugar Cookies (from My Life as a Mrs.). You may need something sweet to take off the bitter edge of despair. I haven’t personally tried these, primarily for the reason listed above, but they look good, right?

*Barely an exaggeration.
**Sorry, I couldn’t help it.

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