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Where Are They Now?

It sounds like the title of a fun celebrity update (like Full(er) House), right? I wish. Because I’d love to share the weirdness of Macaulay Culkin  or the fashion designs of the Olsen Twins. Or the surprising normalcy of Dakota Fanning and Sean Astin and the train wreck of Lindsay Lohan. More importantly,  I’d love to be able to look in on certain characters lives that I fell in love with or am curious about. Like Lizzie Bennet, who is not on this list.


01. Jane Eyre. I know it would sort of ruin it to know how Jane and Rochester’s life went, but I would still like to peek in.

02. Lisbeth Salander // Millennium Trilogy. How did her life turn out? I hope she’s happier.

03. Stan and Frannie // The Stand. How is their little family?

04. Nick and Amy // Gone Girl. So how’s their family? Inquiring minds want to know.

05. Wade // Ready Player One. This one may actually happen!

06. Jon Snow // ASoIaF. Just kidding, but I’m not actually that confident I’ll ever get an update. At least there’s the show….

Who do you want to check in with? Did anyone else adore The Goonies? I just watched it again the other day and it’s still great. For more characters to check in on, visit here.


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