King’s March Wrap-Up


Happy April Fool’s Day! This means that March is officially over and King’s March with it. I hope you were able to fit in some King or at least thought about it. Thinking practically counts. I did not read as much as I would’ve like, but I feel like that’s constant. Do I ever read as much as I want? Nope.

Here is what I did accomplish in the SK realm:

A literary gift guide for Stephen King fans.

A review of A Death.

The best of the worst Stephen King movie adaptations.

And a few mini-reviews of my least favorite Stephen King novels. Because why waste my time writing reviews of books I don’t think you should read, right?

A few of the other notable posts from the last week or so: Read a Latte reviewed King’s scariest book, Nishita shared her thoughts on Revival, Celine talks about (one of my least favorites) Dreamcatcher, you can find reviews of Mile 81, In the Tall Grass, and Carrie over at Bride of the Book God, and finally Brona reviewed 11/22/63.

Thanks to everyone who participated and/or promoted this challenge. Wendy and I took a low key approach this year – so thanks for sticking with us – and we hope to be back next year. Don’t forget that one winner will be chosen randomly by both Wendy and I. I will notify the winner once chosen.

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