Stephen King Mini-Reviews

Twitter style. Twitterary? Twitteresque? Important things to note: I am not quite adhering to the 140 character limit. I’m a rule breaker that way and I like punctuation. I am, however, sticking with the sentiment behind the idea – short and to the point.

Stephen King Mini Reviews

The Tommyknockers:

Two words: Alien vagina. But… The Tommyknockers is not THAT bad. It’s better than Dreamcatcher, if that’s where you set your standard.


This one has the dubious honor of likely being the worst Stephen King novel (in my opinion). I don’t want to have time for shit-weasels.

Gerald’s Game:

Moral of the story: Don’t taunt the person who holds the key to your handcuffs.

I would label all three of these for “King completionists only”. Although The Tommyknockers is a good example of what may happen when you alter your brain and write (but there are SO MANY references to his other works, worth it in that regard alone).

Have any of you read these ones? Dreamcatcher is THAT BAD, right? I mean, really, the toothpick scene – don’t reach for the toothpick, dude. Just don’t.

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