King’s March 2015: Link Up #2

We just finished up the second week of King’s March, did anyone read/watch/listen to anything good? I read A Death.

I was happy to see that I’m not the only one who fantasy casts Stephen King’s The Stand, Kerri from Turn the Page Reviews does as well. Amy from Read a Latte had the same thought as me and shared her opinion of A Death, Christine over at Bride of the Book God reviewed Revival, which I think is the best of King’s recent novels. And I loved reading how Brona came to fall in love with Stephen King again, it’s a very sweet story (books really can bring people together!). Finally, I LOVED reading about how Marisa at The Daily Dosage enjoyed one of my favorites, Bag of Bones. I met Marisa last year at BEA. We landed at LaGuardia at the same time and got a bit (but only a bit) lost trying to find our hotels. It was great, because what did we talk about? Books (including which SK I thought she should read).

Please share anything you’ve read. There’s still time to join!

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