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Stephen King: A Literary Gift Guide


So you’re trying to figure out what to get the Stephen King fan in your life. Sure, you could go the traditional route and get a book, but what happens if they own all of them? Even Rage (in which case, they could probably afford the pricey concert t-shirt I’m pining over)? Here’s a list featuring a few items most Stephen King fans (ahem, like me) would be happy to own.Stephen King Gift Guide

01. Stephen King The Dark Tower Roland and Eddie and Susannah and Jake and Oy Ka-tet T-Shirt.

02.The Dark Tower minimalist print.

03. Redrum mug. 

04. Pet Sematary minimalist movie poster.

05.The Deluxe Edition ‘Salem’s Lot.

06. Stand by Me soundtrack on vinyl.

07. Stephen King’s Universe Flow Chart.

I still want a Rock Bottom Remainders t-shirt. If anyone ever finds one, I hope they think of me…(I’m not hopefu.l)

Happy literary gifting!


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