MakingLemon Orzo Chicken Soup
Drinking: Tea.
ReadingMosquitoland by David Arnold. IT’s YA and I’m actually enjoying it.
Coveting: Frye Harness 12R. Who doesn’t love Frye boots?
Listening: Losing My Religion // REM
Watching: The Americans.
SmellingTriple Chocolate Brownies baking in the oven.
Wishing:  For summer! I have big plans for vacation.
Enjoying: The weather. It was 65 degrees today. I may seem a bit obsessed with weather, and I am. You would be too if winter threw you into a deep, dark place.
Loving: This print. The Big Lebowski is one of my favorite movies.
Needing: To own Party Girl (NSFW).
Feeling: Surprised/anxious/delighted that Harper Lee is publishing another novel. I always thought Harper Lee was one of the few authors to figure out how to avoid a sophomore slump.
Wearing: ALL the flannel. Still. I don’t have a thing, but it I did it would be flannel. Angela Chase style. (Yeah, I’m never changing this answer.)
Wanting: Netflix’s Daredevil to be amazing. I’ve mentioned my love, right?
Aiming: To actually enjoy the weather, as in get outside and enjoy it. (Photo above taken on one such walk.)

So how have you been lately? 

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