Hiking in Colorado

MakingCreamy Ham Potato and Corn Chowder. It’s SO good.
Drinking: Mexican Coke. It’s my weakness.
Reading: The Heart Does Not Grow Back by Fred Venturini
Coveting: This Bob Dylan print.
Listening: Shut Up and Dance / Walk the Moon
Watching: The Americans.
Smelling: Illume Enamelware Candle Tin in Vetiver Cedar.
Wishing:  For world peace? Only kidding, I would settle for a little inner peace though.
Enjoying: The lovely autumn weather. I unpacked my scarves this week, it was glorious.
Loving: These turquoise earrings from Elephantine Etsy shop.
Needing: To paint my dining and craigslist some extra furniture.
Feeling: A wee bit down lately, as we move into winter.
Wearing: ALL the flannel, including this scarf. It might snow tomorrow.
Wanting: Time Out Of Mind
Bookmarking: This Instagram project.
Aiming: To find a good direction and pace for this blog. It is where life and literature intersect, so I thought this post would be as good of a place to start as any.

How are you, dear readers? Please tell me you’ve been more productive than me lately.

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