Owned: A Top Ten List

If you had to guess, which author would you say I own the most books by:

a) Stephen King
b) Richard Bachman
c) some combination of a and b
d) all of the above, as anyone who has read the blog for longer than 30 seconds would know

The correct answer is d, as a quick scan of the menu bar might indicate. I won’t tell you how many titles, but it’s over 50…

Stephen King's Map of Maine

In no particular order, except number one really is number one (as hosted by The Broke and the Bookish):

08. Clive Cussler. Because Dirk Pitt is the (chauvinistic) man.

07. Ian Fleming. And so is James Bond.

06. John Sandford. I happen to think his sense of humor is fantastic and Lucas Davenport is my number one crush.

(Feel free to sing this…)

05. Joe Hill. I own all of his books, several short stories, and quite a few comics. If you count the number of tweets I’ve read of his, he would blow the competition away.

04. Margaret Atwood. She’s quite prolific as well.

03. John Irving. My third favorite contemporary author, after number one and number two. I’m getting creative this evening (as I know I haven’t mentioned any of this before – be happy I can’t work Charlotte Bronte into the post).

02. Richard Russo. My second favorite contemporary author, after number one.

01. Stephen King. Part of the problem is that I every time I’m at a used book sale and I see a title by Stephen King, I buy it. Does it matter that I already own that title? Nope. Not in the least. Who doesn’t need at least three copies of The Stand?

And who needs ten when you can have eight…? Which author(s) do you always buy?


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