If You Like Twin Peaks, Read…

Twin Peaks may have been the greatest show of all time. Or the weirdest. Or both. It’s certainly one of my favorites – for all the traditional reasons. Let’s start with David Duchovny in drag, shall we? It just doesn’t get better. Or the log lady, who not only talks to a log, but listens when it answers. Special Agent Dale Cooper. Enough said. David Lynch. David Lynch is so great he’s spawned his own descriptive word – Lynchian. And my own personal weakness…donuts. Oh, and the cheesy, cheesy romance dialogue. You can’t beat sugary carbs, saccharine teenage romance, and David Duchovny – all with a Lynchian twist.

Twin Peaks Recommended Reading

So if you’re like me and loved the show, you might want to give the following Lychian novels a chance.

01. Leather Maiden by Joe R. Lansdale. This novel has a very Twin Peaks feel – murdered, small town good girl tangled up in the wrong crowd…

02. House of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewski. This book is close to the eerie, dream-like quality David Lynch possesses.

03. Await Your Reply by Don Chaon. Questions of identity and who’s in control are pervasive throughout this novel. I find the lack of clarity to be reminiscent of David Lynch.

04. Sanctuary by William Faulkner. Lycnhian before David Lynch existed.

05. Hemlock Grove by Brian McGreevy. As much as I want to like this show, I can’t, but the book is not so bad.

06. The Rathbones by Janice Clark. If Tim Burton collaborated with Charles Addams and David Lynch to rewrite and combine The Odyssey and Moby-Dick, you would get The Rathbones.

07. Revenge by Yoko Ogawa. A dreadful (yet only tinged with horror), meticulous, singular short story experience.

08. Save Yourself by Kelly Braffet. The small town drama, the girl who grew up too fast, and the strange world the two inhabit.


Do you love Twin Peaks as much as I do? What would you recommend?

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