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Bleecker Street Records

Despite how all consuming BEA 2014 was, I managed to do quite a bit of sightseeing. On the top of my list? 4th Street*, and Greenwich Village in general (I can’t imagine why…). Anyway, my favorite stop: Bleecker Street Records.

Bleecker Street Records

I was happy to visit, and even happier that they were open until 11pm (which made the visit possible). The shop is a record store specializing in new and rare vintage vinyl and used CDs in the heart of Greenwich Village. The night I went was really nice and I got to walk through the historic district. Plus, the shop has one adorable cat (and are rumored to have another that I didn’t see).

If you went to BEA, did you have any time for anything else? Or if you didn’t venture into the madness, what would you visit in New York City?

*The main reason I wanted to visit 4th Street was because of Bob Dylan and his song Positively 4th Street. However, given the enigmatic nature of the man, it’s unknown if the 4th Street in Manhattan is even the one he’s referring to, he might also be referring to 4th Street S.E. in Minneapolis.


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