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Wanted: A Top Ten List

My birthday is in July. In case you needed to know…

Paul Newman Reading

(This week’s list: bookish things I want – aside from books. Hosted by The Broke and The Bookish.)

10. The Perversions of Quiet Girls. This book is fake, but I want it to be real.

09. Fox Pillow Cover. For my library. I’m not sure in which life I’ll pay $50 for a small pillow cover (it’s not this one), but you never know.

08. Remake of The Stand. Perhaps in a trilogy? If they can make The Hobbit a trilogy, The Stand by Stephen King certainly deserves the same treatment.

07. Sloane Ranger Tote. This would be a good bag to take to the library, plus Sloane Ranger might be my favorite company name ever…

06. Mills and Boon Confetti. Okay, so I’m not getting married, but if I was I would request this confetti. It’s heart-shaped and made from old Mills and Boon novels. Enough said.

05. Library Woodcut. Why do I need this? I’m not sure… A lesson in excess, I guess?

Library Woodcut Crop

04. Map Garland. I think this is supposed to be party décor, I just really want to hang it in my office – which I typically use for bookish purposes. I’m really stretching it here.

03. Yugosalvian Jane Eyre Poster. The one starring Orson Welles and Joan Fontaine. Did you know that this version’s screenplay was co-written by Aldous Huxley? I just learned that. I could also go for a vintage The Long Hot Summer poster. Incidentally, nothing makes me feel more like I’m wasting my youth and potential than reading Paul Newman’s obituary.

02. Bob Dylan’s Blonde on Blonde. Boxed set, limited edition. It’s bookish in that I care a great deal about the lyrics.

01. The Library Hotel. Who wouldn’t want a weekend here?

Image found via Old Hollywood Guys, originally done for LIFE.

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