You Found Me How…? Part IV

I find blog statistics a bit useless – except for search terms. I love reading the ways people find me; it’s both bizarre and satisfying. Because what exactly is someone trying to find when they search “I’m sad, hug me”. I really want to know. And does anyone really think Gillian Anderson’s children were secretly fathered by David Duchovny? Because I kind of love them if they do.


10. What do you think of an older man who has sexual fantasies about his son and his son’s girlfriend? Nothing good.

09. A couple of things you need to know when you are cliff jumping. I’m sure there are a couple of things, none of which I can teach you.

08. I’m nobody’s fool and especially not yours. True – I’d like to think.

07. Teletransportation to do list. If you solved the issues of teletransportation you are my hero.

06. Horticulture Misogynist. Um…

05. Is Ani DiFranco a snob? I hope not.

04. I’m sad, hug me. Please do.

03. Is oscar and felix anderson’s actually duchovny’s sons? Finally, a person after my own X-Files loving heart.

02. So Annoying But I Love You Anyway. Yep.

01. You Have Found Me. Indeed, now what are you going to do with me?

Do you pay attention to blogging statistics of any sort? I know should – if I ever want to make any money…

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