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Stephen King’s Short Stories: A Top Ten List

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! As you might imagine, I am from a very Irish family (surprise, surprise! Rory O’Connor doesn’t exactly sound French). The holiday has nothing to do with this post. If I wanted to try and connect the two, I would tell you that I come from a very Irish family, and like many good Irish families I am from the northern New England area. If we’re getting specific, I was born in Manchester, New Hampshire, but by the time I was in elementary school we were living in Portland, Maine. And Maine is the home of Stephen King. Perhaps his legendary status in his home state is the reason it was deemed appropriate for an eleven year old to read IT. I don’t know. But I do know that my sincere devotion to SK began at a young, impressionable age*. And the connection, however tenuous, is made.

So when Wendy asked me if I would be interested in co-hosting a Stephen King event, I said yes. What better way to spend the month of March than (re)reading one of my favorite authors (and convincing others to do the same). I didn’t expect it to get quite as out of hand as it has – the books have taken over (although in all honestly, that is not an unusual state in my house). Last week it was choosing my favorite novels. This week’s list will feature my favorite short stories. It’s hard to narrow it down (thus the need to consult all of the books). Just for fun, I thought I would share a behind the scenes snapshot of #KingsMarch.

Kings March Library Inset

10. The Library Policeman. Flowers in the Attic is a dubious choice for the children’s library.

09. Gray Matter. Don’t drink the funny tasting beer.

08. The Body. Although there are differences, I love both the short story and Stand by Me.

07. The Langoliers. Every flight needs an extra pilot and a voice of reason.

06. Crouch End. The charming side of London…

05. Children of the Corn. A classic case of don’t judge the book by the movie.

04. The Raft. I can’t help thinking of this story every time I see water with oil on the surface. And what would happen if I touched it?

03. Jerusalem’s Lot. A ‘Salem’s Lot prequel that’s very much worth reading.

02. A Good Marriage. A lovely mediation on whether you can ever truly know another person. And if you’re willing to accept what you find once you do.

01. The Mist. A mysterious mist and a hopeful ending – what more could I ask for? (Except that they not butcher the movie…)

Do you prefer novels or short stories? Or, like me, are you an equal opportunity reader? Because I really enjoy both formats. It’s also rather astounding to realize exactly how many works of Stephen King have been made into movies.

*It is entirely possible I will never overcome my fear of spiders and clowns. Or sink drains.

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