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What I Like About…: A Top Ten List

What You Love

I’ll keep this week’s list simple. The topic: things I like about blogging and things I like about reading. Both have benefits and drawbacks, but I’ll focus on the positive.

What I love about blogging:

10. Online Journal: I often include a bit of what is going on in my life in my posts because it influences how I read and feel about a book. I can tell from the way I write and the words I use whether I’d had a good day or a supremely shitty day*. I’m not one to keep a diary so this is a good reminder of where I’ve been (both mentally and physically).

09. The Community: Some of the people I’ve met continue to entertain/impress/amaze me. I would sincerely miss you guys if you disappeared. I think it can be easy to feel alone if you’re particularly bookish and quiet, this community goes a long way towards minimizing that feeling.

08. Books. I’ll be honest; one of the major benefits of book blogging is the free books.

07. Tolerance for Oddity. Nothing on the internet is weird anymore, but that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate the fact that people continually visit me whether I’m talking about my fear of spiders, the appropriateness of Sublime for Thomas Hardy, dating Benedick, my love of Daredevil and Bob Dylan, kickboxing, or home design**. I do. Because when they’re considered as a whole, they are a peculiar combination…

06. Advice. Occasionally people actually take me seriously and read books I recommend. In turn, I often do the same. This still surprises me (mostly because it’s an unusual feeling for someone with a typically flippant temperament).

What I love about reading:

05. Learning. I’m an incredibly curious person, I like the know things.

04. Escape. I had a difficult upbringing. Reading is one of the things that let me escape wherever I was and whatever I was feeling.

03. Commiseration. Because misery loves company… (and happiness needs to be shared)

02. Inspiration and Entertainment. I chose my career based on a book character. But if I don’t feel like being a librarian for a day, I can immerse myself in the world of a mercenary, a governess, a con artist, etc – basically a million things more interesting than what I do on a daily basis.***

01. Books. Yep, books made the list twice in different capacities. Books have the ability to elicit a range of reactions from me – love, hate, happiness, sadness, annoyance – you get the idea. Plus I think they are pretty to look at. I get a ridiculous amount of joy from my personal library collection.

This post was unusually serious… So what do you like about reading and blogging?

*For what it’s worth, the formula looks like this: the more annoyed/angry/irritated I get, the bigger/more obscure the words become.
**No one seemed to think it was weird (or politely ignores that it was) that I admitted to agonizing over shades of grey paint. Anyway, I finally found the perfect shade of grey for my bedroom last year. A few weeks ago, I gave my neighbor a tour so she could she the work I’d done (neighbors in the US can be really nosy, myself included if I saw a contractor in your house). She walks into my room and goes “I really love this navy paint”. And then I died.
***This week’s professional reading: Botanical Latin by William T. Stearn. Don’t be jealous…

Image is from Steal Like an Artist found via Brainpickings.

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