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Bookish (And Not So Bookish) Thoughts

So this week’s bookish thoughts (brought to you by Christine at Bookishly Boisterous) are slightly skewed towards the romantic side of things. Somehow it seems appropriate that my first point is titled insta-bullshit. I’m only kidding. I’m totally romantic. The first person to show up at my door on Friday with coal-fired pizza and Pretty in Pink wins my utter devotion for a year (two years if you bring the new Much Ado About Nothing). Do remember that we’ll have to shut it off ten minutes before it ends – because #TeamDuckie. Although Clueless or 10 Things I Hate About You could be substituted if you’re anti-’80s (as I don’t really remember the ’80s, I have no idea why I am so devoted to that decade’s romantic comedies).

In honor of Valentine’s Day:

10. Insta-bullshit. Yeah, this is pretty true. 

09. Not only is Denver among the most well-read cities, but the city’s residents have more sex than anyone else in the US – both statistics are surprising.

08. For my giveaway, the question I wanted people to answer was “What was your least favorite book?”. I thought I would get a lot of cop out answers like Twilight or 50 Shades or Grey, but people took it seriously. Oddly enough, some people really hate books I quite enjoyed. The Marriage Plot made the list of most hated, as did Of Human Bondage, The Art of Fielding, and Naked Lunch.

07. It seems like there are a million of these quizzes going around, but I had to share this one because it’s wholly unsurprising. I am Sherlock on the “What Sherlock Holmes Character Are You?” quiz.

06. I guest posted over on Annabel Smith’s Friday Fave. Also, my monthly contribution to Pop Culture Nerd went up last week.

05. This list wouldn’t be complete without something weather related. The last few weeks have been miserable, it was -15 (-26C) and snowy last week. This weekend it is going to be sunny and 65 (19C). I am so excited. I’ll be working all day (both days), but still…

04. Rodarte + Star Wars = Couture Gowns. I don’t know what to say. Well, I would really like to see one of those gowns at this year’s Oscars.

03. Did anyone else love Punky Brewster as a kid? Soleil Moon Frye just had a baby boy. His name is Lyric Sonny Roads (Goldman).

As I’ve said before, I am fascinated by baby names. I don’t care to see pictures of the baby, I don’t care about its nursery, and I really don’t care about toddler fashion, but please tell me the name. I would say it’s a girl thing, but I now know otherwise. I once wrote an entire post about naming children after literary characters, it remains one of my most popular lists.

02. The prettiest wedding I’ve ever seen. This is what I would do.

01. 50 Books About Love For People Who Hate Romantic Comedies. I don’t hate romantic comedies, but if you’ve seen 5 or so, you’ve seen them all. However, Raymond Carver’s What We Talk About When We Talk About Love is on there. Win. As they both got a mention in my last post, I’ll point out that Bukowksi (Love is a Dog From Hell, which I’ve not read) and Roth (Goodbye, Columbus) are on there as well.

(Side note: One of the books on there suggests drawing a constellation from someone’s freckles as a way to fall more in love with them. What am I supposed to do!? I haven’t got any freckles anywhere!)

In case I’m in danger of becoming too sentimental, researchers found that the high number of early deaths in Russia is mainly due to people drinking too much alcohol, particularly vodka.

Happy Valentine’s Day (on Friday). What are you doing for the holiday? Anything fun? Anyone shocked that some of the Russians who are dying young drink too much vodka?

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