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10. The difference between cute, sexy, pretty, and beautiful. I only include it because the author (who is male) references the urban dictionary definitions. Plus, it’s good to know…?

09. I mentioned that I was going to try and meet – in real life (imagine!) – Carolyn from Rosemary and Reading Glasses. And guess what? It really did happen. She’s great, she’s one of those people you meet and you feel like you’ve known her forever. It wasn’t awkward at all (I feel like there was a bonding moment when we realized we share a favorite contemporary author). I met her after my morning hike (I hiked into see these ruins), two hours in the car, and three days without a hairbrush. I’m impressed she even let me in her house. And she made me tea, lunch, and the best brownies I’ve eaten in a long time. Thanks Carolyn, you’re the best!


The proof is in the picture (I’m on the right, just in case you didn’t know).

08. Gillian Anderson is co-writing a sci-fi trilogy. Sadly, it will have nothing to do with The X-Files. She pretty much stole my heart after she named her sons Oscar and Felix.

(Side note: Is it exclusively women who are fascinated by baby names? Probably…)

07. My favorite shit story of the week: “Are feminists and wussy men a threat to national security?“. Because real men shoot guns and guns are incredibly hard to come by here in America.

06. What if books were whorishly re-titled, optimizing search engines rather than imaginations? My favorites: Moby Dick (They Told Him White Whales Were Impossible to Hunt. That’s When He Went Literally Crazy) and Lord of the Flies (You Thought Millennials Were Bad? Watch These British Kids Totally Nail Chaos Theory).

05. I like my job, but I would LOVE this job more. My love of books is only rivaled by my love of home decor and restoration (when I’m not complaining about how every single thing in my house is broken).

04. My very first blog friend (that would be you, Kate) and I both managed to go on a beach vacations – at the same time – though certainly not the same beach. I’d like to think we have an unusual amount in common (we both started fiction in the kitchen blogs, love John Irving, and have similar academic backgrounds, among various other personal things), so a similar vacation destination is not surprising. I’m not too proud to admit her vacation was better than mine (see vacations here).

03. I signed up for Apartment Therapy’s January Cure and am failing miserably. The only bit I’ve managed so far is the designated media free day. It’s not my fault, at least partially. Most of the assigned tasks start on Saturdays and that is the beginning of my work week.

(To the first person who points out that I could be doing said tasks on Thursday and Friday when I’m home – we’re not friends anymore. Because yes, I know. And just FYI, I will be spending Thursday deep cleaning my bedroom, as prescribed as part of the January cure. But only because it’s a snow day.)

02. I don’t get particularly excited about The Grammys (and I feel like this year’s Record of the Year category is a bust), but I am excited to watch Lang Lang and Metallica. I’ve always felt like my affection for everything Metal is a personality outlier.

01. To quote some guy I don’t know: “How’s everyone’s seasonal depression going? I feel like I’ve really nailed the “lie on the floor and drink whiskey ’til spring” vibe this year.”

Thoughts on music award shows? How are you doing this January? Anyone hate it as much as I do?

(P.S. It’s rare, but I double posted. In case you missed it, here is my review of Michigan, Ten Cents.

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