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Bookish (And Not So Bookish) Thoughts

10. I am writing this from the C terminal at Denver International Airport. Not one person around me is reading a book, but then again, neither am I. Sad.


09. I’ve mentioned it before, but I hate to fly. I can read ALL the statistics that tell me that I’m more likely to die on my way to the airport than on an airplane, but it doesn’t matter. I’m convinced that I’m going to die every single time. So if this is the end, so long.

(Making it slightly more bearable, the plane was practically empty.)

08. I have a full day meeting at a college in New England. They emailed the day’s itinerary to me yesterday. The footnote: “the campus is rustic, wear boots.” Wish me luck.

07. Regarding #8, this means I’ll be wearing my suit with snow boots. Classy.

(I also forgot a hairbrush. I have A LOT of hair. Classier.)

06. I packed my suit in a backpack. Classiest?

05. I’m tentatively set to meet someone I met online in real life (Carolyn at Rosemary and Reading Glasses). Let’s all hope I come off as adorably awkward.

04. Back to the hair issue. I got my hair cut last week. I specifically told the stylist to take off just one inch. Five inches later… It’s okay, I’m over it now. Mostly. It was getting dangerously close to belt level anyway.

03. On my last literary mixtape, one of the bands I included (Brick + Mortar) commented on it. Total fangirl moment – well, as close as I ever get.

02. Update: the person beside me cracked open a book – The Floor of Heaven. The other side is reading a gun and ammunition magazine (insert eye roll here).

01. I think this is my least bookish, possibly whiniest post to date. Poor me, I fly nice places more often than I’d like. If you see me, you have my permission to kick me.

If I publish this it means I made it to my destination (middle of nowhere and just left of lost, Vermont). As a reminder, my whining was brought to you by Christine at Bookishly Boisterous.

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