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Bookish (And Not So Bookish) Thoughts

Every week, Christine at Bookishly Boisterous gives me a platform to whine (and you can too!). For that, I thank her…

Merry Happy

10. Worst films of the year. A Good Day to Die Hard – not surprising. Man of Steel – a wee bit shocking.

9. I am sick. Not simply with a little cough and a scratchy throat. No, I am full on zombie apocalypse sick. I fully realize I am not going to die (hopefully), but that doesn’t mean I don’t feel like I am… At any rate, I’ve been a little quiet as of late and this is why. (Excuses, excuses…)

8. Because of this, I’ve managed to fit in three movies this week: The Young Frankenstein (excellent, I laughed and it was appallingly painful to do so), Get Low, and the 1973 BBC Jane Eyre miniseries (so, so bad). I spent five episodes cringing at Jane’s constantly incredulous eyebrows…

What did other Jane Eyre fans think of Sorcha Cusack’s eyebrows performance?

7. I mentioned that my washer broke. I had to remove the old washer to paint behind it before the new washer was delivered. So at 10:00 at night, wearing my flannel snowflake pants, my stripped socks, and a t-shirt, I maneuvered my washer onto to socks so I could slide it across the floor and out the front door. While sliding it across my front porch, I see my neighbor in his driveway. Laughing*. This is the equivalent of the suburban walk of shame.

6. The night shirt referenced above says “never trust an atom, they make everything up”. Provocative, I know, but would you expect anything less…?

5. Stephen King joined twitter. Sadly, I was not one of the first 15 people he followed.

4. So when you open a Bukowski-themed bar, you name it…Barkwoski? I suspect a better name could be had.

3. Morrissey performed at this year’s Nobel Peace Prize concert. Because nothing says calm and peaceful like Morrissey…

2. I like to decorate for the holidays. Christmas is no exception. This year I made Christmas ornaments from old library due date cards. I’m quite pleased with how they turned out, even if only the bookish portion of the population would appreciate them. Just ask if you want one, I have extras.


1. I really do get fabulous search terms. They’re the best. My two favorites as of late: “So Annoying But I Love You Anyway” and “What do you think of an older man who has sexual fantasies about his son and his son’s girlfriend?”. To the first, I’m sure I feel the exact same way. To the second, um…I think not good things.

Bonus: I am mailing out holiday cards and they’re adorable (if that doesn’t sound too pompous). If any long time readers would like one, I’ll mail one to you. Just message me your address.

Bookish thoughts for the week?  Worst movie of the year? Anyone else get any crafting done (and yes, I count laminating, hole punching, and twine as crafting)? Added challenge: coming up with a suitably clever name for a Bukowski themed establishment.

*The washer was surprisingly light, just awkward to move.

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