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Mixtape | Winter

Mixtape: A homemade music compilation that contains all of your favourite tracks. Often you give such a compilation to the guy or gal of your fancy in hopes that it will help you win their heart. (Urban Dictionary).

Or it could simply be the generic name given to any compilation of songs recorded onto any audio format. (Wikipedia)


Unlike both summer and autumn, there will be no ode to the joys of winter. I don’t like winter. It’s long, dark, and so very, very cold. And I don’t want to talk about the snow. If there must be an upside, I like to wear hats and I do like the holidays – assuming I’m not out shopping. I love Christmas trees, pretty lights, and the days off.  I don’t like to wish away time, but here’s to next May and the end of another snow season.

1. Boz Scaggs & Duane Allman – Loan Me a Dime
2. Timber Timbre – Black Water
. Matt Pond PA – Remains
4. Lynyrd Skynryd – Simple Man
5. The Deep Dark Woods – The Place I Left Behind
6. Leonard Cohen – I’m Your Man
7. Massive Attack – Teardrop
8. Heartless Bastards – Down in the Canyon
9. Lucinda Williams – Righteously
10. The Avett Brothers – Head Full of Doubt/Road Full of Promise
11. Van Morrison – And It Stoned Me
12. Jake Bugg – Seen It All
13. Regina Spektor – Samson
4. Metallica – Unforgiven II
15. Ray Lamontagne – Three More Days

Bonus: Sunny and 75 by Joe Nichols (I’m not a huge country fan, but…)

So is anyone particularly fond of winter? Anyone else a seasonal music listener?

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