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Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

1. For my American readers: Happy Thanksgiving. I cooked for my family this year (one more reason to be grateful for a tiny family, just my Mom, step-dad, and brother came over) and I neither killed anyone, nor made anyone ill. So….win.Aliens3. I took the Scottish Book Trust Personality test. Apparently, I’m Clarice Starling. I don’t know how I feel about that.“You are Clarice Starling from The Silence of the Lambs

Your powers of analysis, logic and reflection mean your personality type is well-suited to detective work. You prefer to work alone and, socially, you prefer one-on-one debates with serial killers to parties.

Like Clarice Starling, you place more emphasis on the big picture and prefer your world to feel controlled and well planned out in advance. Indeed your holidays will often be planned out with military precision months ahead of time. This quality may make you over-cautious, worrisome and picky on a bad day, but you will have made provisions for that too.”

I think I’d rather be at a party than debating a serial killer. And my holidays aren’t planned with military precision.

4. I was recently asked to share seven things about myself (and I decided to share them here too, I was short on links this week):

  • I procrastinate. Frequently. As evidenced by how long it took me to compose this list…
  • I have a very, very sensitive sense of smell.
  • My favorite thing about having tiny feet is that when shoes go on sale they always have my size.
  • I’m trying to grow my hair long, mostly so I can braid it.
  • In honor of Thanksgiving, I’ll share that I don’t like turkey. Or pie. Heresy, I know. In fact, I don’t believe fruit should ever be cooked.
  • I used to love How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. I watched it again recently and cringed, especially when Kate Hudson declares, rather vapidly, that she wants to write about “important stuff” – like politics!!! (When did I become so old and cantankerous?)
  • There amount of money you would have to pay me to step foot in a store tomorrow would be extreme.

5. The last month of my life has been an exercise in the versatility of the word fuck. But on a positive note, I finally got the maintenance department to move the compost bin away from my office door (see #4, pt. 2) and I’m no longer queasy at work. And much to my relief, my series of nine book talks has reached its conclusions (see enlightening gif here).

6. Librarian Problems. Because I got 99 problems, but a book ain’t one. A quick guide to the best of the site: A patron wants a book but doesn’t know the title, the author, or what it’s about, a board member submits a book challenge, listening to a coworker to tech support with an elderly person over the phone (and yeah, I’ve trained someone how to use a mouse before…).

7. Can I claim to be inspirational? Because that’s on my life list of things to accomplish. Laura and Rick both did video blogs/vlogs on novellas. Watch them, because they are awesome.

8. I think I’ve mentioned my love for Metallica (circa 1991) and my love for Lou Reed – separately, of course. After much trepidation and two years of procrastination, I finally listen to Lulu. To everyone who said it was the worst album ever made, you may be right.

9. This video. Accents are a funny thing. I use several words/expressions that are typical of New Englanders (wicked, sneakers, route (pronounced the same as root), jimmies) , but because I lived down south and in the Midwest , it’s all muddled now.

10. I hate what I’m about to do because it annoys the shit out of me when others do it, but I’m going to be intentionally vague. I had something awkward happen – related to this blog – and I can’t even share it on here. This is my outlet to share all the weird things (not that there are many) that happen to me… Sigh.

So, if you had time to take it (it’s quick), which character are you? Any thoughts for the week? I know I can’t be the only one who finds warm fruit unappealing…

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