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Bookish (And Not So Bookish) Thoughts

With thanks to Christine at Bookishly Boisterous.

10.  Thank you for all your kind words on my video blog last week – flattery will get you everywhere. And on that note, Laura and Alice are golden for the next year – thanks guys!

9. I’m not prone to squealing or random bouts of excitement, but I squealed with excitement when I found out that not only is Emily Henderson (a personal design hero) renovating her own house, but she’s having a baby. Hopefully that’s not too creepy.

(But it probably is. If it helps, I really didn’t give a shit when Kim K. had a baby, except I got a decent laugh out of the name.)

Oh Joy's Studio. Photo via Emily Henderson (by Zeke Ruelas)

I’ll take this room. Oh Joy’s Studio. Photo via Emily Henderson (by Zeke Ruelas)

8. Are you male and in love? Apparently you walk slower. No, really, it’s true.

(Sometimes I seriously wonder about the allocation of research funds.)

7. What your drink says about you? Of the options available, I’m a gin and tonic.

How to make it: 1 part gin, 2 parts tonic water. Garnish with a wedge of lime (no lemon!). Serve in tall glass, over plenty of ice.

What it says about you: I am civilized. Also somewhat risk averse, politically moderate, and did I tell you I went to college in New Haven?

What it should say about me: I am civilized. Also somewhat risk averse (we’re good through here), politically very liberal, did I tell you I went to college in Boulder? Plus how to know you’re from Boulder (#10 is kind of true…)

6. This is old, but I just read it. Mindy Kaling doesn’t think Dorothy Parker is funny. Huh. I think she is.

5. To quote Stephen King (in Joyland): “When you’re twenty-one, life is a road map. It’s only when you get to twenty-five that you begin to suspect you’ve been looking at the map upside down, and not until you are forty that you are entirely sure. By the time you’re sixty, take it from me, you’re fucking lost.”

A little more philosophical than I was going for, but true enough. I'm so fucking lost just doesn't sound eloquent.

More philosophical than I was going for, but true enough. I’m so fucking lost just doesn’t sound eloquent. Image found here, original unknown.

I’m lost now. I’ll be doomed by the time I hit 60.

4. I’m a huge Cormac McCarthy fan and I really wanted to see The Counselor. Has anyone seen it, is it the worst movie ever made? On that note, I finally saw Gravity – that was a tense experience.

3. Harry Potter Myer-Briggs results: I’m Hermione. Or Yoda if you use the Star Wars chart. (I’m INTP).

2. 50 tough reads for bookworms – naturally by this standard I’m a badass.

1. Sooo…favorite Lou Reed songs? You know I’m a list person, so top five: Street Hassle, Perfect Day, All Tomorrow’s Parties, Hello It’s Me (I really miss you / I really miss your mind / I haven’t heard ideas like that in such a long, long time), Pale Blue Eyes.

(Five is so limiting, because Hangin’ Round, Waves of Fear, and Turn to Me get left out).

And I really meant number one as a question. Answers please. Naturally you don’t have to answer. You can tell me about something else. What’s going on in your life? Anyone sick of the thankful posts yet? I am and I’m not. I assume it goes without saying that I’m thankful for many things, including you guys. Also, I redesigned the blog a tiny bit – I was really proud.

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